3 Reasons to Attend COGI

  • 1. Chance to interact in one place with colleague and experts from all areas of the field.
  • 2. You get in one congress updates that would usually require attendance at many congresses.
  • 3. Addresses the most controversial issues facing clinicians in their daily practice.

HPV World

Do you have clinical questions in relation to HPV? Do you lecture or guide students on HPV matters? Are you involved in screening programs for cervical cancer? Do you use or recommend the use of HPV vaccines? Are you updated on the technological progress made in the HPV diagnostics field? Can you face questions on HPV vaccine hesitancy? These and other related topics generate annually some 3400 scientific publications currently scattered in hundreds of journals. An educated synthesis of clinically relevant topics will be regularly prepared and disseminated by the HPV WORLD newsletter in open–access e-formats. If you are interested in receiving all new editions or retrieve from previous editions, you may be interested in registering. It will take you one minute.
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