COGI Congress Chairpersons

Zion Ben Rafael


Diogo Ayres-de-Campos


Bart C.J.M. Fauser


Anja Pinborg


Rita Vassena


Scientific Committee

Fátima Faustino, Portugal


Santiago Palacios, Spain


Nick Panay, UK


Luis Vicente, Portugal


Topics to be covered

PCOS, Ovarian Stimulation, PGT-A, Add-Ons, Embryo Transfer, Luteal Phase, Fertility Preservation, Hi-Tech IVF, Laboratory Techniques, Endometriosis and Infertility, Male Infertility, Social Freezing, Advances in Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Research, HRT, Menopause, POI, HPV, General Health and Fertility, Prenatal Diagnosis, PET, IUGR, Labor and Delivery, Caesarian Section, Preterm Labour, GDM and Pre-GDM, Intrapartum Monitoring, Peripartum Complications, Ultrasound In Pregnancy & more....

3 Reasons to Attend COGI

1. Addresses the most controversial issues facing clinicians and physicians in their daily practice.
2. Ample time after each lecture and debate for speaker-audience discussion.
3. Chance to interact with colleagues, friends and experts from around the world in all areas of the field.

Who Should Attend?

Gynecologists Nurses
Obstetricians Students
Infertility/IVF Specialists PhD Students
Perinatologists Residents
Clinical Embryologists Allied Health Professionals

Abstract presentation

* Oral Presentation: 7 minutes to present your abstract in an oral session with an audience and chairperson
* Moderated e-poster: 3 minutes to present your e-poster to an audience and chairperson
* e-Poster: General viewing on the e-poster screens






International Speakers



Do you have clinical questions in relation to HPV? Do you lecture or guide students on HPV matters? Are you involved in screening programs for cervical cancer? Do you use or recommend the use of HPV vaccines? Are you updated on the technological progress made in the HPV diagnostics field? Can you face questions on HPV vaccine hesitancy? These and other related topics generate annually some 3400 scientific publications currently scattered in hundreds of journals. An educated synthesis of clinically relevant topics will be regularly prepared and disseminated by the HPV WORLD newsletter in open–access e-formats. If you are interested in receiving all new editions or retrieve from previous editions, you may be interested in registering. It will take you one minute.
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