May 2024

Dear Exhibitor,                                                        

We are delighted to welcome you to the 32nd World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI), taking place in Lisbon, Portugal from November 21-23, 2024.

The exhibition manual contains important information intended for your booth construction team and booth personnel.

We kindly ask that you read through the material below carefully and please pass it on to all parties concerned. Please note that information on this page is continually updated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lisbon and wish you a successful congress and exhibition.

CongressMed | Scientific & Medical Congress Entrepreneurship

Congress dates
November 21-23, 2024

Venue address
Centro Cultural de Belém
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisbon
  • Company logo and profile - on signing of the order form
  • List of names for badges - Thursday, November 7, 2024
  • Electricity, Furniture Rental, Exhibition extras - via Mundiconvenius (
  • Direct shipments - delivery not before November 19, 2024
  • Exhibition and display material - exhibitors are welcome to carry in their own items during the exhibition set-up hours.
  • Exhibition Hours
  • The exhibition area will be open during these hours:
  • Thursday, November 21 - end of last session for 1 hour for the welcome reception
  • Friday, November 22 - 09:30-17:05
  • Saturday, November 23 - 09:30-13:30

    Set-up - Thursday, November 21 (after 13:00)
  • There is no option for custom builds. If a custom build is required, please contact to arrange this.
  • Exhibition offered is a table, 2 chairs and an electrical point will be provided.
  • Please advise if you will require storage space. We will quote you according to your requirement.
    Venue elevators
    This information will be available soon

    Dismantling - Saturday, November 23
  • Quiet (no noise) from 14:00 (after lunch break coffee break)
  • Noisy (booth etc.) after end of sessions (16:30-23:59)
  • All material which is to be returned after the congress must be labelled clearly.
  • Please ensure that the return shipment of stand items is made in advance.
  • If you require assistance to arrange return shipments, please contact the shipping agent prior to the congress starting.

    Please note:
  • Empty crates and packaging material are to be removed after set‐up.
  • Please contact the COGI project manager if you need storage.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to dispose of all materials after dismantling. Any equipment displayed or other material left behind after Saturday, November 23, after the sessions end, will be considered discarded.
  • Do not leave any visible valuable articles at your stand.

    Liability and Insurance
    The COGI congress secretariat and the organizers cannot accept liability for personal accidents, or loss or damage to private property of participants, either during or directly arising from the 32nd COGI Congress.
  • The floorplan is continually updated.
    Please ensure you refer to the latest version
    Exhibition fees cover net stand space only.
    Stand equipment and services can be ordered via the official exhibition supplier:
    All exhibitors are required to be registered.
    The exhibitor name badge will have the delegate and company name printed.
    Complimentary exhibitor badges enable the exhibitors to access all areas and activities of the congress, including lunches and coffee breaks, for the full duration of the congress.
    All participants are required to wear badges to access the congress area.
    Additional badges are available to purchase at 50% of the current registration fee and limited to 4 additional badges per company.
    Exhibitor badges are to be collected from the onsite registration desk.
    Please contact to arrange for additional exhibitor badges or for any queries.
    Exhibition set-up will take place during the hours stated previously. Hours are subject to change.
    Exhibitors are liable for all damage caused to floors, walls, and pillars during set-up, opening hours and dismantling.
    No adhesive stickers and fixtures of any kind are allowed on the floors, walls and pillars.
    Empty crates and packages material must be removed by exhibitors after set-up and all aisles must be clear.

    Stand building
    Only one level stands are permitted. Ceiling hanging are not permitted.
    All stands must be self-standing.
    The use and branding of rented space cannot exceed the rented surface and space in three dimensions.
    The height limitation mentioned previously must be respected both for physical and visual devices.
    Nothing may impede the free flow of delegates in the aisles; nothing may be built in the aisles; nor may furniture or equipment stand in the aisle space.

    The dismantling of the stands must be done during the hours stated previously.
    It is obligatory to collect and dispose of all material during the breakdown or dismantling of the event.
    When the dismantling period is over, the exhibitor loses any right to claim for losses or damage to property left behind, and any costs incurred by the venue in removing this property will be charged to the exhibitor.

    Amendments to exhibition layout
    While every effort is made to preserve the published layout of the exhibition, the organizers are entitled to change the layout if this is in the general interest of the exhibition and the congress.

    Sharing of stands & sub-letting
    Exhibitors are not permitted to share with others any booth space allotted to them without prior written consent from the organizers.
    Exhibitors shall not sub-let the whole or any part of the stand allotted to them without the written consent of the organizers.

    Manning of stands
    Exhibitors will be required to man their stands during the opening hours of the exhibition and must not dismantle their stands before the published closing time.

    Disruption of other exhibits
    Exhibitors may not produce noise and/or use amplification of music and/or voice which may be heard outside the space assigned to the exhibitors, or which may interfere with or be felt objectionable to attendees or other exhibitors.
    The organizers reserve the right to require exhibitors to discontinue any such activity.
    Live presentations at the stand are not permitted without prior approval from the organizers.

    Product disclaimer
    The acceptance of a product or service for exhibition does not in any manner constitute an endorsement by the organizers.
    Each exhibitor is responsible for the material and information they make available at the congress.
    Exhibitors should only present material and information which has been approved by their legal departments and which is in compliance with the legislation of the host country of the congress.
    It is the responsibility of exhibitors to address these issues and any conflicts arising from such matters directly among themselves, as the organizers will not arbitrate in any way in legal issues of this nature.
    The distribution and the mounting of advertising material outside the exhibition stand is prohibited, unless prior confirmation was given by the organizers.

    The organizers and the congress venue cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by an exhibitor nor for loss sustained by an exhibitor.
    Exhibitors or their agents must not damage or deface the exhibition facility or the booths and equipment of other exhibitors.
    When such damage occurs, the exhibitor is solely responsible and is liable to the owner of the property.
    Exhibitors must make provisions for the safeguarding of their goods, materials, equipment, and displays at all times.

    Security and Insurance
    The organizers and congress venue cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitors’ goods and exhibitors are reminded that they should take out their own insurance to cover this.
    The exhibitors are required to take out their own insurance against risks that could be incurred in connection with the exhibition, especially liability.
    Coverage for risks relating to property, employer liability and personal accident to contractors or staff should also be included. It is advised that exhibitors take out insurance for any losses and wasted expenditures in the event that the exhibition is abandoned or curtailed.
    Exhibitors are reminded that their insurance, as noted above, should take effect from the day that goods and exhibits are delivered to the venue, and should remain in effect until all items have been removed.

    Health and safety at work regulations
    It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that their contractors, employees, displays and exhibits comply with the latest legislation regarding health and safety at work regulations.
    Centro Cultural de Belém
    Praça do Império
    1449-003 Lisbon
    Items must be clearly marked for COGI 2024
    Contact for a delivery note.
    Deliveries will only be accepted from November 19, 2024
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