About COGI

The World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility (COGI) is a ‘concept congress’ dealing mainly with controversial issues in the broad field of Women’s Health, in the format of debates and discussions, and allowing ample time for speaker-participant interaction. The congress gives key-opinion leaders from around the world the opportunity to effectively debate clinical and therapeutic dilemmas and other key issues facing clinicians in their daily practice.

The congress was founded and is co-chaired by Prof. Zion Ben Rafael, whose goal was to create a congress that would provide an innovative, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in the field.

The COGI Congress aims to provide a forum of the highest standard for scientific, educational and social exchange between professionals involved in Women’s Health, and to continue in its mission to promote research and education and to disseminate new knowledge.

The Aims

  1. To promote excellence in the field of Women’s Health
  2. To highlight, with debates and discussions, the current controversial issues in the field
  3. To bridge the gaps between expansion of basic science and information, and their consolidation into clinical practice
  4. To reach tangible and practical conclusions on controversial issues in the field
  5. To allow ample time for speakers and audience interaction, and to encourage discussion of new ideas
  6. To be the forum where general practitioners are updated on all sub-disciplines in the field
  7. To assist practitioners in understanding pressing clinical topics, technological advances, ethical and public health issues, standards of treatment, and medical solutions in the process of being developed
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